Introduction & Lore

FORTPOLIS - The first decentralized city simulation game on the Binance Smart Chain.
FORTpolis was created by Felix with only one goal in mind: to create a DeFi ecosystem in which even investors with little capital could become Whales in a fun and profitable way.
In the main map there are 10 buildings that correspond to as many dApps, each with its own independent smart contract which however works together with all the others to make the main financial ecosystem of the city sustainable.


Around 2300 a terrible pandemic affects the entire planet and brings the world economic system to its knees, causing wars, hunger and death.
A secret group of millionaire entrepreneurs and investors come together to decide what to do before the earth beneath their feet also becomes their grave.
So they collect all their riches and the best minds on Earth and leave with a shuttle to a similar small planet where they can found a new city that becomes the commercial and financial crossroads of that part of the galaxy.
FORTpolis is like an intergalactic Las Vegas, with its own internal economic system and all forms of crypto investing and gambling that had worked on Earth.
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