City Buildings

Each building represents a crypto game or protocol that emulates a similar one on Earth.
The play-to-earn games that FORTpolis provides through the Binance Smart Chain are simple to understand, beautiful to look at and easy to use - unlike most other online crypto platforms.
In FORTpolis you will find:
Bank - Deposit BUSD to earn FORT and stake FORT to earn more The bank is the backbone of FORTpolis and is the main means through which it is possible to generate 2 FORT for every 100 BUSD deposited and 4 FORT for every 100 FORT in staking.
Coin Flip - 50/50 odds with a payout of 1.96x Keeping things as simple as can be, a virtual coin toss provides our users with a quick and easy way to play. With their crypto wallet connected, our users just have to hit "Play Now" to find out if they’ve won.
Dice - Bet on numbers 1 through 6 with a payout of up to 5.88x A hallmark of gambling around the world, users can bet on a standard die roll to try their luck. Place your bets and let the die roll to find out if you’re a winner today.
High / Low - Any odds from 1 to 97% with a payout of up to 98% Trustroll lets you adjust your odds as you see fit, taking control of your online gambling experience. With longer odds come better payouts.
Lottery - Buy your lucky ticket and you can win every week. Each ticket equals 1 chance to win.
Find the Ace - Guess where the ace is by choosing from 3 cards. You have 33.3% to win and get x2, x10, x100, x1,000 or x10,000
Oracle - Predict if BNB price will be higher or lower in 5 minutes and if you guess right you win up to x5!
Miner - Get up to 3% daily (paid in FORT) by using BUSD to hire miners to extract alien metal from the depths of the new planet.
Flying Motorbike Stadium - Bet on a flying motorcyclist's victory and win x3 if he ranks 1st by beating all opponents.
Space Shuttle - Guess how high the next rocket will go and win up to x4.90 on your bet.